Mild cerebral infarction caused by arrhythmia


From 2 years ago, I was diagnosed with Arrhythmia and High Blood Pressure and was receiving medication.


At the end of the year, when I was driving the car and waited for red signal, suddenly my left side of the body didn’t function and could not move and stuck in traffic. The driver behind my car noticed the incident and called 911.  At the Hospital I was diagnosed with mild cerebral infarction caused by arrhythmia.


Because of the year end situation, the hospital was full so doctor planned a detailed examination on Jan. 6th and send me home. Fortunately during the period I was able to apply the ARK Light at home.


Initially, because of the dull sense of sole, one of the slippers or sandals accidentally dropped off, and I was using disposable diaper because the feelings of urination or stool movement was unsure.

After applying ARK Light to multiple area of body daily, I’ve additionally applied the Light to the parietal region, around the back of the head and foot sole.


When I admitted to hospital on January 6th, most of the symptoms initially examined such as gait disturbance, language disorder, left hand numbness has shown a significant improvement which surprised the doctors and they asked me what kind of treatment I had in the last few days.


Stimulus conduction system arrhythmia “the ARK device is back and forth my apartment and parents home”

Taiki 16-year-old, Miyagi, Japan

At the high school medical examination, I was diagnosed with "a problem with the heart". Immediately after school I went to see Kusaka clinic (my family doctor), and the doctor referred me to the Rosai Hospital in Sendai city where I was hospitalized for a week for detailed examination. By the result of heart test, I was diagnosed with “Stimulus Conduction System Arrhythmia”, which limited my exercise and over-stimulation, medicine is also not accepted. If there is no improvement with conduction system arrhythmia, I have to put a pacemaker into my body. My parents thought “now is the turn for ARK Light device” which favored by my parents for years. They brought the device to my apartment and fortunately we were able to get in touch with Dr. Suzuki who introduced ARK Light to my parents and under his guidance I’ve started ARK Light therapy immediately. Carbon combination was AA which applied to soles of the feet, knees, belly, the spine for 20 minutes each, a total of 80 minutes, applied every night for a month. After one month I went back to hospital for course examination but at that time the initial abnormality was not found. I had no subjective symptoms and the doctor told me to come back in 3 month for routine checkup. It was an incredible moment. My parents were very happy to hear the result too!


Off course the ARK Light device had to rush back “busily” to my parents home to treat my father’s low back pain and mother’s fatigue.

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