Cervical disease

[Cervical spondylosis] By Asanuma Mineko 63-year-old   Fukushima, Jpn.

Because I am so-called wartime grew up who is healthy and unusually sturdy.  Even after walking up and down the stone steps of two hundred stage excess of Atago Shrine, it doesn’t bother me walking or having daily life activities.

However, I became to feel the "numbness" to the limbs from around July, now the running pain extend to the knees and shoulder. Now these pain start interfering in day-to-day work, such as cooking. For a while I was optimistic and thinking it would eventually heal naturally. However, the symptom didn’t recover but only worsen. I was start worrying "What if I can’t walk anymore!" So I went to received a medical examination at the hospital and found that the cervical spine is bad. Result of detailed examination was “Cervical spondylosis” an age-related wear and tear affecting the spinal disks between the fourth-fifth of the cervical spine. I was told the numbness and pain is caused by that, so I’ve immediately decided to receive treatment at the hospital. The treatment was a nerve block injection as well as rehabilitation, which was very hard to do. I also thought of getting surgery, although thinking of the risk as an elderly I didn’t have the courage to do it.

In midst of autumn, I was discharged from the hospital while the symptom still remains. Then I’ve started  "Touji (hot spring cure)", acupuncture, shiatsu massage, traveled around to far places wherever I hear there is an effective treatment.

At the time like that, I have been recommended SANAMOA (ARK Light treatment) from Mr. Ishii. To be honest, at first I was sceptical, but because of the pain I’ve decided to purchase the equipment in the feeling of grabbing at a straw.

Starting from May, under the guidance of Dr. Saito, I’ve applied the ARK Light for two hours every day for about one year. Just like peeling off thin paper, the pain disappeared imperceptibly. Now I can walk and ride on the bike every day like before!

Even after the cure, for health maintenance, I am applying the ARK Light to the back of the feet and hips and shoulders every day. It feels so good just like having private masseurs at home.


Thanks to ARK Light. It’s wonderful to live without pain!



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Japan Phototherapy Association (Japanese)