[Hip joint pain]

■ I was able to avoid hip replacement surgery for Hip osteoarthritis

Niigata Prefecture, Japan     by Yoko Yamazaki


From around the time of menopause I gradually began to feel sharp pain in the hip joint, so I went to nearby hospital and was diagnosed with a Hip osteoarthritis (degenerative arthritis of the hip). Because of the articular cartilage worn out and bone head of femur collapsed I was told it is terminal state so I have been recommended a hip replacement surgery.

While I was considering of the hip replacement surgery, I remembered about the ARK Light that my parents was always using every time when they had health issues. I thought it is worth trying “the light” before the surgery.. 15 years has been flown since I started ARK Light (still no surgery), I hardly feel any pain anymore, only when I overworked I feel little pain at the hip and knee which is treated with ARK Light too.

Thanks to ARK Light for the peaceful life without inconvenience.

Japan Phototherapy Association (Japanese)
Japan Phototherapy Association (Japanese)