Between sadness and joy, I realize the miracle of life!

It has been 4 years since I've started introducing ARK Light Therapy at my clinic, I am very pleased that I could help pregnancy of more than 30 couples.

Because of the sensitive issue, people who suffer with infertility hesitate to consult with third party, and poor information results luck of their treatment options, and if the treatment is prolonged, people often feel lost in a long invisible tunnel.

From my 4-year clinical study of ARK Light Therapy, I found couple with no experience of medical treatment (e.g. artificial insemination, vitro fertilization) received pregnancy in 1~4month, couple with experience of pregnancy treatment or elder couple (37~) slightly longer.

Pregnancy treatment often imposes a burden mentally and financially. But with ARK Light Therapy, it is not only cost effective but also heals both body and mind.

Few days ago, a 39-year-old patient who got pregnant last year by ARK Light Therapy, brought her baby boy and thanked me and told me how happy she is for the result. I am very happy for her.

Recently, 32-year-old patient received pregnancy by ARK Light.

My calendar is filled with red circle (pregnancy announcement) and yellow circle (expected delivery date)!

I am 62 years old with 5 grandchildren. Including all baby born at this clinic, I have over 40 grandchildren!


Kyoko Takasu / Acupressure & Chiropractic Clilnic



I became "Mother". Thanks to ARK Light Therapy!

Previously I was troubled with infertility too. I received a pregnancy treatment with my husband at the Hospital, and in spite of each end every trial for 4 years, while hearing all my friend's birth announcement (it was so painful), nor wish come true.

I was weeping every day "Why I can't get pregnant..".

When I went to ARK Light Therapy, at first I was skeptical, however...!!! (BIG SMILE)

After I start the treatment, I became somehow healthier. My sinking mood got eliminated and I began to spend comfortably every day.

In the 4th month, no period... I went to see doctor for check up. He said "Congratulation! You did Well". For first time I cried for joy. It was a blessed event!

I took Dr.'s advise that I can do Light Therapy during pregnancy, so I was able to overcome the severe morning sickness during pregnancy, and gave birth to a healthy baby GIRL!!

I've recommended to my friend to do ARK Light Therapy, who also was told "pregnancy is difficult". Now she is a MOTHER too!!!


Infertility caused by Habitual miscarriage

Case: 36-year-old woman

Symptoms: After repeated three times miscarriage in one year last year, I was told by Gynecologist that it is unlikely to get pregnancy anymore.

Treatment: ARK Light Therapy TWICE a day (Morning and Evening using A Carbon);

Morning, Foot soles+knee+dorsal (5min.each), abdominal+hip+genital (10min.each)

Evening, abdominal+hip+genital (10min each)

Result: Pregnant after 1.5 Month treatment. Safely gave birth to a baby girl.


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