[Varicose Veins]


Varicose Veins, Lower back pain,  male (54)


At around age of 40, I was diagnosed with a mild diabetes and put onto dietary therapy.

The varicose veins began from around 45-year-old caused by long hours of standing work in the business.  From around 50 years old, a dermatitis such as eczema developed on the right lower leg.

I have visited the dermatologist and diagnosed "stasis dermatitis" caused by varicose veins, and had been put to medical treatment for a while but there was no change in symptoms. The affected area was ​​itching strongly, and because of long history of low back pain, I was introduced to ARK LIGHT THERAPY clinic by acquaintance.

The ARK Light was applied to both sole, both knees, waist, thigh and calf, back (median part), back of the head and neck plus the affected area using A, B, D carbons.

After applying ARK Light therapy for one week, there was reduced itching of varicose veins affected area.

After one month ARK Light treatment to affected itching area, pain, redness eased remarkably. Low back pain also became easier.

After two months treatment, the blood sugar level has dropped from 150mg / dl to 120mg / dl.

In the 3rd months, the dermatitis due to varicose veins has totally healed and varicose veins symptoms has reduced significantly.

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