§ Adaptation §

• fatigue

• trouble with stiff shoulder

• hip and joint pain

• concerned about blood pressure

• during the hard period

• suffering from cold hands and feet

• internal organs working poor

• depression, anxiety

• trouble with allergies

• suffering from chronic pain

• anxious about cholesterol, glucose level

• want to improve your constitution

• worried about lifestyle diseases

• want to improve your metabolism

• want stronger bones

• worried about side effects of drugs

• Have tried various treatments but not improving

• relieve the symptoms, and improve the disease fundamentally

• Animals (pet's) Diseases


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§ Action of Ark Light and Effects §

■ for pain

 Analgesic action relieve pain immediately. Unlike a temporary symptomatic treatment such as a pain-killer and the anesthesia, works on a cause causing a pain and promote curative effect. In addition, there is no side effect at all.

 for blood circulation

 Expand the blood vessel and make a flow of the blood better. Also provide an increase in blood cell.

■ for bacterial, toxin

 The rays sterilizing effect perish the bacteria and the detoxification effect act on internal toxin.

■ for skin

 Skin reproduction effect improves resistance of the skin and help create tension and shiny skin.

■ the constitution

 Provide improvement of constitution. The rays improve constitution by adjusting the complicated function of the human body through a variety of action. Helps prevention and treatment of illness.

■ for the endocrine function

 Provide generation and the adjustment of the hormone. Self hormone production normalize endocrine function. *continuous use of hormone drug causes strong side effect.

■ allergy

 By immunoregulation effect, improves autoimmune disease (allergy). Adjusts the immune abnormalities, works as immunosuppressive therapy without any side effects.

■ immune response

 Strengthen the immune surveillance capability (ability to distinguish non-self or self) and increases the immunity of preventing cancer cells and viral infection.

■ for obesity

 The rays effect of white fat cells degradation and activation of Brown fat cells activity will decrease body fat percentage. Adjustment of hormone abnormality and bad metabolism improves the constitution and relieve obesity.

■ against inflammation

 Infrared ray has anti-inflammatory action. Extend the flow of capillaries, removes an inflammatory material and algesic substance and eliminate inflammation. Rapidly absorb inflamatory pain.

■ the bone

 Vitamin D is important for the absorption of calcium from the intestine and for the functioning of calcium in the body, especially bone formation. The Light formes Vitamin D in the human body.

■ for respiratory

 Rises pulmonary function and takes in oxygen efficiently. In addition, exhaust the impurities in the lungs.

■ for renal function

 Provide diuresis. Increased volume of urine reducing the frequency of urination at night. Enhance kidney function.

■ for liver function

 Enhance liver function, increases the detoxification.

■ for pancreatic function

 Promote secretion of insulin of the pancreas and lower blood sugar level.

■ the colon and small intestine

 Adjust the peristaltic movements of intestines and improves diarrhea and constipation.

■ the stomach

 Effective for upset stomach by forming the Gastric mucosa. Provide healthy apetite.

■ for nerve function

 Promote regeneration of peripheral nerve function, improves the stimulation electric speed. For autonomic nervous system, by the action it increases the function of organs. In the case of nerve paralysis, it acts on motor nerves and sensory nerve and raises curative effect.

■ for sleep

  Promote good blood flow throughout the whole body, repose cerebral hyperemia and soothe mind by adjusting autonomic nerve and bring a comfortable sound sleep.

■ Other Effects

 By maximize the healing power of ecology, the Ark Light Therapy can expect much effect beyond the imagination.

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