[Eardrum damage]


■ Thanks to ARK Light for healing all my suffer!

   (lower back pain, hip joint pain, shoulder pain, eardrum damage)

Kumiko Toyotomi (60's) Santa Monica, CA

I was suffering with many PAINS for many years. 1) my lower back pain for over 30years, 2) hip joint pain for over 8years, 3) left shoulder pain for 2years. Despite the skeptics, I couldn't stand the pain anymore, so I tried ARK Light for 3month. 6 months has passed since then, all the pains disappeared and didn't come back! Many thanks to ARK Light Therapy that I regained the quality of life to feel  that there is no hindrance in daily life, particularly in simple day-to-day movements such as sitting down or standing up, walking up and down the stairs, etc.

Two and a half month ago, I had an incident. And this Light Therapy has become "Remarkablefor me..

While I was scratching my left ear with a sharp earpick, I accidentally pushed the earpick too deep inside and injured myself. My left ear hearing ability was ZERO and the otolaryngologist told me because of the BIG hole in the eardrum the only treatment to regain hearing is surgery but he wasn't sure if I could recover 100%, and he scheduled the operation in one month.

Feeling like clutching even at straws, I ran back to ARK SUNRAYS!

A month later, at pre-operative examination, doctor recognized an evidence of healing (my hearing capability was back about 35%), told me lets look at the situation one month more. So I put the ARK Light to my ear almost every day for another month.

At the "judgement day", after Doctor's routine examination, he told me everything looks fine, no surgery needed.

I’m thankful to the clinic staff and the counselor for their warm encouragement and thoughtfulness. Thank you again!

■ Torn eardrum regenerated in 7 days! Surgery avoided!!  [NEW]

H.Y. father of 3-years-old girl, Shizuoka, Japan

I found a bleeding from my 3 years old daughter’s ear. Firstly I thought it is a traumatic wound picked or scratched herself by her fingernails. For just to be sure, I’ve brought her to Pediatrician and his diagnosis was the same. He prescribed a traumatic ointment and sent us home. But the bleeding didn’t stop and since discharge from the ear has appeared I’ve brought her to otolaryngology. I was shocked to hear the test result. While being shown a test photos the doctor explained me “The eardrum is severely damaged.  The torn damage is huge and inflammation is terrible!” “ perhaps the eardrum was fiercely poked by a sharp object and as a result 80% or more of eardrum is damaged and are purulent”. I’ve asked the doctor for the possibility of cure by natural regeneration, he declared “for the scale of the damage, it is impossible”.  The doctor said “the first priority is to stop the inflammation and festering. After that we will discuss of next treatment”. Of course the next treatment is the eardrum plastic surgery.

The doctor’s explanation is as follow, “if it is a smaller damage or for an adult, the surgery is rather simple, operate from the ear hole. But in your daughters case advanced surgery is required. Such as “incise the back of earlobe, make a large hole and ‘form’ the eardrum from there”. Because of my limited knowledge of eardrum, I was shocked of the difficulty and scale of the surgery to my 3-year-old  child. Probably the shock was much greater than receiving a cancer sentence for myself. Moreover, the doctor who diagnosed my daughter is a well known top otolaryngologist in the area so misdiagnosis is not possible. Looking at my pale face the doctor encouraged me by saying “it should be fine by the modern surgical technique, your daughters ear will perfectly healed”.

First of all, to stop the inflammation to extend to inner ear and nerve system, an antibiotic was prescribed for 7days. So the pre-operation examination was scheduled 7days later.

From this day I’ve applied ARK Light to the injured ear at home every night while my daughter was asleep for 30 minutes (carbon combination BD).

Although the purpose of applying ARK Light was to stop inflammation before inner ear and prevent extension to beyond the nervous tissue, but the result was rather dramatic.

On the 7th day, I brought my daughter to pre-operation routine checkup, the first word of the doctor was “Impossible! Amazing!!”. The over 80% eardrum damage had turned to a small hole of about less than 20% damage. Inflammation disappeared, and no more fester. Maybe the antibiotic has also worked to stop the inflammation, but the doctors comment was “Your daughter’s cure power is simply ‘Unbelievable’”.   He took my hand and told me with a smile “No more worry. Little hole like this will cure her injury 100% naturally in a short period. This is a miracle!”. My eyes got wet with tears of  joy.

While I was fully prepared for surgery of my 3-years-old daughter, it was the moment “ARK Light” performed a miracle once AGAIN!

As a certified ARK Light Therapy Consultant, I’m in the position of giving consultation and advice in terms of light therapy and of course I know about ARK Light Therapy more than anyone. I also witnessed many incredible cure results by the ARK Light. But by experiencing “cling even to straw” situation again, I want to say ‘ARK Light’ is really amazing!

P/S Medical examination at the hospital is not a pleasant experience even for an adult. It was definitely NOT an easy one for my 3-year-old. In order to perform an accurate and safe examination, while she was emotionally crying, 4 nurses include myself had to hold her still at X-ray table. It was a very ‘unpleasant’ time for both myself and my child.


This child has bathed in ARK Light for 10 month and 10days from the moment she was harboring life in her mother’s womb. She was born 3938g. Very healthy. It is statistically said that children born over rays has high IQ. Even after birth, this child has been bathed with ARK Light. Diaper rash, heat rash, fever, influenza, abrasion, etc. Most all illness and wounds has been treated with ARK Light and cured. This time again!

While she grows up, there might be illness or injuries, but ARK Light is always there so she is in good hand!

Off course ARK Light does not heal all illness or injuries. However, beyond the boundaries of medical, health and happiness obtained in this light is immeasurable. I want to share this excitement and magnificence of this ARK Light with as many people as possible.


Japan Phototherapy Association (Japanese)
Japan Phototherapy Association (Japanese)