Spinal canal stenosis


Spinal canal stenosis improvement   by Mr. Furuta

  Ibaraki pref. Japan

We own an ARK Light Therapy equipment at home which is a wonderful and come in handy tool, and my recent experience proved once again that the equipment is very useful.


About 2 month ago, I suddenly had a very strong pain in my lower back and couldn’t walk anymore so went to hospital ER. The doctor diagnosed me with “spinal canal stenosis” and told me that surgery is necessary. At that time I was also told that there is a possibility of life in wheelchair. As a result of family discussion, my son wanted me to try out chiropractic before the surgery and he found a practitioner who combines therapy with ARK Light. After 5 time treatment, the pain disappeared suddenly as if by magic and I could walk again! This is really great therapy equipment so we purchased it. Now we can continue the treatment by ARK Light at home.



The ARK Light effect on lumbar spinal canal stenosis        68-year-old male

Symptom:  At age 50, he had been aware of lower back pain. Since the pain enhanced he consulted a local doctor and been diagnosed with ‘degenerative spine disease associated with aging’. The doctor prescribed him with pain killers and his lower back pain reduced within a month.

About 5 years later, again he felt a lower back pain but this time was more severe. Unlike last time, a strong pain and numbness in the lower limbs appeared during walking and could not sleep well at night because of the pain. As a result of MRI examination at the hospital, he was diagnosed with ‘spinal stenosis’ and put on observation by drug treatment. The pain only reduced temporally and during the course extent, Gastrointestinal symptoms appeared as result of drug’s side effect. While the attending doctor strongly recommended surgery, the patient’s sister-in-law eagerly recommended ARK Light therapy. Since the patient was not accustomed positively to surgery he decided to give it a try.

Treatment course:

First, apply ARK Light to the lumbar region with B+B carbon for 20 minutes. Next, using the same carbon (B+B) plus the ‘concentrator’ and apply to the affected area (#4, 5 lumbar spine) for 40 minutes. Then with A+B carbon, apply to the whole body basic application area (foot sole, knee, abdomen, back of the head) for 10~15minutes each. Instructed him to apply ARK Light more than once a day when there is time.

From 4th day of the treatment, patient no longer wakes up in middle of the night with leg pain.

After 2 weeks, be able to walk about 1 kilometer (about ¾ mile) distance up to a bus stop without a rest along the way.

Around this time, light numbness remained at the limb but able to take enough sleep at night without waking up by pain and the results drove away his gloom.


Now, the patient realized the effect of ARK Light that he would be certainly well by continuing the therapy, he is willing to and want to continue in the future.



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Japan Phototherapy Association (Japanese)