5year long Tinnitus finally stopped by applying 8time ARK Light Therapy!

Male, 50s, Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka Prefect.


Tinnitus started from 5years ago. At beginning the drug prescribed by otolaryngology  seemed working but few weeks later Tinnitus started again. While I was repeatedly taking medication, drugs become ineffective and Tinnitus symptom got worse.

I was transferred to Brain Neurology, did MRI and all test but they could not find any problem relate to Tinnitus.

My parent heard about ARK Light Therapy and advised me to do it.

I was skeptical of the effectiveness but gave it a try. After two months (5 times ARK Light full body treatment) in response to the treatment, Tinnitus has stopped for 1~2days. I felt it may work so continued the treatment. After 3month (8time ARK Light full body treatment), finally the long lasted Tinnitus has stopped!

In polite correspondence of clinic staff, I was able to receive treatment always with a sense of security. Particularly, since you can receive ARK Light practice by lying on bed, you can relax and I was always sleeping while the treatment,

I am grateful that the tinnitus has stopped. Thank you!


60-year-old male suffer from loud engine motor sound in the ear.

Therapy course:

In conjunction with the basic ARK Light treatment on the back foot (sole), knee, lumbar, abdominal (5~10min. each part), use the AA, AB, AC carbon alternately, and apply ARK Light for 20 minutes in both ears using a condenser. In addition, applied ARK Light for 10 minutes to the back of the head every day.

In about a week, the loud motor sound changes to the cicada (popular insect in Japan during summer season) crying.

By the end of second week the only remaining sound is like flying mosquito.

In third week no more loud sound in the ear.


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